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Response Time: Within a few hours. Listed Since: July See more properties. Send Message. Write a review Reviews Jason-Desiray S. Reviewed January 23, Jason-Desiray S Riverside, California. Date of stay: January Thank Jason-Desiray S. Reviewed January 8, Thank dianachungdds. Management response: Responded January 9, See more reviews. A FlipKey verified reviewer. Reviewed November 2, Date of stay: October Jack D.

Huntington Beach, United States. Reviewed October 17, I wish I could keep this place a secret! Thank Jack D. Thanks for the wonderful review! Reviewed September 4, Date of stay: August Previous Next 1 2 3. Does this vacation rental have a dining room? Yes No Unsure. September October November December January February View all months. See more rates and fees. They are often depicted together. The Chinese God of Longevity, Shouxing, is often depicted standing at the base of a pine tree with a crane perched in one of the tree's branches. Pine trees are strongly associated with winter in China due to their status as an evergreen tree.

Pine trees are also planted near graves in China. This is believed to protect the corpses from the mythical water dragon and "brain-eater" Wang Xiang. In ancient China, many Taoists sought immortality. They tried to achieve this by eating pine cones, pine resin, and pine needles.

They believed this would help them live a longer life and make their body parts more resistant to harm. That is, longevity, virtue, and youth. The pine is also associated with masculinity and power. In ancient Shinto beliefs, gods were said to have ascended to Heaven on a pine tree, where they now reside on a beautiful volcanic mountain in giant or old trees.

Pine trees are associated with the New Year in Japan. So much so that many Japanese hang a bundle of pine twigs and bamboo trunks known as a Kado matsu "Gate pine" in English on their doors to receive a blessing from the gods. Pines are also a popular tree of choice for the art of bonsai. Many of these bonsai trees live to be hundreds of years old! Prior to the Edo period , pine trees and branches were a popular choice of decoration for samurai on their armor and katana, due to all their associations with masculinity.

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After the Great East Earthquake and tsunami in March , the city of Rikuzentakata was devastated and the surrounding forest of 70, pine trees were almost completely destroyed. That is, except for one lone pine tree. This tree became a national symbol of resilience and determination to stand tall and rebuild in the face of the massive destruction in northeast Japan. Sadly enough, seawater seeped into the roots of the Rikuzentakata tree, causing it to rot and die. In September , the tree was cut down. In Europe, pine trees can be found across much of the continent.

Some of Europe's pine forests are world-famous, and are the places where legends and fairy tales were born. In ancient Greece, the pine was particularly sacred to Dionysus and his worshippers. In the ancient city of Corinth, the Corinthians were ordered by the Delphic Oracle to worship the pine along with Dionysus as a god. The pine tree was very symbolic to the religions of ancient Rome.

The pine was the sacred tree of the Mithraic cult which became widespread in ancient Rome. On March 22nd, the followers of Cybele would cut a pine tree down and bring it into her sanctuary in honor of her consort Attis, who died underneath, and was said to have been turned into, a pine tree.

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During the Roman holiday of Saturnalia Dec. The pines and other coniferous trees of the Black Forest of Germany help give the forest its reputation as a dark and impenetrable place, associated by many with fairy tales, Walt Disney movies, and Christmas stories. Within the Black Forest live dwarves, werewolves, witches, and many other things that go bump in the night!


Other pine trees in Europe have also become famous worldwide, such as the Balkan pine tree of southeast and eastern Europe, which can live up to 1, years. Along the coasts of Norway, a vast rain forest of pine, spruce, and other trees provide a unique ecosystem for Scandinavia and a magnificent treasure for the world. Pinus sylvestris , the Scots pine, grows naturally in Scotland, but can be found across much of Europe and as far north as the Arctic Circle!

Vast forests of Scots pines growing across the Scottish countryside bring to mind ancient Druid rituals in which the pine was burned to commemorate the changing of seasons and to bring back the sun.

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Massive pine trees surrounded ancient Scottish castles and villages. Scots pine lumber is very durable and water-repellent, which made it highly desirable for ship-building in Scotland and the UK for many centuries. Pine trees are the Christmas tree of choice for many people around the world and are strongly associated with Christmas and the Christmas season. In an ancient German legend based on the true story of St. Boniface and the cutting-down of Odin's oak, St.

Boniface mentions the pine tree as the tree to be used to celebrate Christmas.