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A is for Algonquin: an Ontario Alphabet. ABC of Canada. ABC of Toronto. She imagines what the community was once like — the brightly painted houses nestled into the hillside, the field where boys played football, the pond where all the kids went rafting, the bountiful fishing, the huge bonfires. Africville was a vibrant Black community for more than years. But even though its residents paid municipal taxes, they lived without running water, sewers, paved roads and police, fire-truck and ambulance services.

Over time, the city located a slaughterhouse, a hospital for infectious disease, and even the city garbage dump nearby. In the s, city officials decided to demolish the community, moving people out in city dump trucks and relocating them in public housing. Today, Africville has been replaced by a park, where former residents and their families gather each summer to remember their community. Babies of the Great Bear Rainforest. Every spring the Great Bear Rainforest becomes a nursery to some of the most adorable baby animals out there. Award-winning nature photographer Ian McAllister has photographed the cutest of the cute to teach the little ones in your life about some of the little ones found in this temperate rainforest on British Columbia's Pacific coast.

Orca calves, wolf cubs, seal pups and herring eggs arguably not traditionally cute but still interesting! Canada ABC. Canada Canada Animals. Canada All Year. Road trip!

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Join the fun on this cross-country tour and discover a new Canadian adventure for every month of the year! Canada in Colours. As a result of the success of M is for Moose , Canadian children can rhyme off their ABCs with images of ducks, kayaks, moose, and Lake Winnipeg shimmering in their imaginations. On these pages, new artwork illustrates numbers from 1 to 20, as well as other important Canadian numbers such as and There may be 1 walking boy, but there are 3 territories, 4 seasons, and 9 Supreme Court justices. Canada in Words. Toque, poutine, toboggan … join an adorable cast of animal characters as they explore 30 words that are truly Canadian!

Canada Year By Year. Award-winning author Elizabeth MacLeod's year-by-year tour of Canada's fascinating history highlights a single milestone for every year from the country's founding in up to its th anniversary in Divided into ten distinct eras, coverage ranges from politics, sports, business and arts and culture, and includes significant events both at home and in world affairs.

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Along with the featured stories for each of the years, the pages are filled with sidebars with content such as short biographies, quotes, important firsts and trivia that are linked to that year. The topics chosen offer an inclusive historical perspective, incorporating women, Aboriginal peoples and people with disabilities into Canada's rich and diverse narrative. Illustrations by awarding-winning artist Sydney Smith bring a contemporary feel to the stories of the past.

This book is a perfect fit for lessons on Canadian history and geography. The accessible format also makes it a compelling choice for children to pick up and browse, or to search for a particular year. Canadian Boys Who Rocked the World. No one ever said you had to be a grown-up to do something great.

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Breaking world records, winning hearts in the limelight, changing the face of the scientific world — these boys have shaken the planet with their achievements. At 17, Louis Cyr bested the reigning Canadian strongman by lifting a kg granite boulder. Wayne Gretzky was breaking NHL records by the time he was Oscar Peterson won his first radio contest for piano at 14 and was awarded his own minute weekly radio show.

Every day, Canadian boys find new ways to rock the world. This fascinating book profiles young men who are born to greatness as well as young boys who aspire to it. Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World. An inspiring book, Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World tells the stories of Canadian girls who won Olympic medals, discovered dinosaurs, explored their country or shaped its history — all while still in their teens.

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For example, when she was just 16 years old, Marilyn Bell stepped into the icy waters of Lake Ontario and became the first person in history to swim across it. And pop star Avril Lavigne released her first album when she was 17, which skyrocketed to the top of the charts, selling 12 million copies.

This revised and expanded edition is packed with yet more tales of adventure and achievement. New profiles include hockey player Cassie Campbell, music exec Denise Donlon and environmental activist and leader of the federal Green Party Elizabeth May. Every day, Canadian girls find new ways to rock the world. This fun book profiles women who have achieved greatness and contains quotes from the girls who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Canadian Celebrations.

Canadians celebrate many things — from the land we live on, to the changing seasons, to the diversity of the people and our colourful history. Canadian Festivals. This book introduces children to six holidays from various cultures. From the reason why the holiday is celebrated to how it is observed, this book provides a close look at the important festivities that make our country so diverse. With so many festivals being celebrated throughout the country, this book will provide easy explanations to help children learn about various cultures — perfect for classroom use by teachers.

Tom Hunter's outstanding artwork and clever brainteasers provide entertainment and instruction for children, parents and teachers. Canada is home to hundreds of species of amphibians, reptiles and insects, as well as over 1, different kinds of larger animals: birds, fish and mammals. Hunter provides an introduction to many of these species. Canadian Wildlife Activity Book: Volume One contains over detailed illustrations, including the largest creature that has appeared on Earth: BC's blue whale, a mammal that weighs up to tonnes. Canada is also home to North America's smallest mammal — the pygmy shrew, which weighs about the same as a soda cracker.

Canadian Wildlife Activity Book: Volume Two contains over detailed illustrations, ranging from Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep to leopard frogs, which help children identify and appreciate their magnificent wildlife heritage. Carson Crosses Canada. In their little rattlebang car, packed with Carson's favorite toy, Squeaky Chicken, and plenty of baloney sandwiches, Annie and Carson hit the road! They travel province by province, taking in each unique landscape and experiencing something special to that particular part of this vast, grand country. For example, they marvel at the beauty of the big, open sky — and grasshoppers!

The movement was inspired by Shannen Koostachin. All Shannen wanted was a decent education. She found an ally in Charlie Angus, who had no idea she was going to change his life and inspire others to change the country.

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  6. Based on extensive documentation assembled from Freedom of Information requests, Angus establishes a dark, unbroken line that extends from the policies of John A. Macdonald to the government of today. He provides chilling insight into how Canada — through breaches of treaties, broken promises, and callous neglect — deliberately denied First Nations children their basic human rights.

    A Children's Guide to Arctic Birds. With a simple layout and easy-to-follow format, this beautiful book introduces young readers to a dozen birds that call the Arctic home. Northern-specific elements, such as Inuktitut names for various birds and migratory patterns told from an Arctic perspective, are also included.