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Using frameworks and tools based on common risks is a good start, but it's only the foundation.

Danger Ahead

This formal agile program promotes explicit agile risk management with techniques such as the risk burn-down chart or the risk-adjusted backlog. These tools can provide the added rigor needed to navigate the threats and opportunities unique to a given project.

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Risk: Poor governance. Once, with a month to go on a yearlong project, I was assured by the project manager that we were 90 percent complete and on schedule.

But when the delivery date came, nothing worked, and we suffered major operational impacts. As is often the case, it wasn't the quality issue that hurt us. It was not knowing about problems soon enough to adapt. It shows everyone where the team's progress stands—not just in theory, but in real life. The participation of decision-makers increases accountability, and our frequent and candid warnings limit the risk of surprise problems. By now, I hope you see the pattern. Agile approaches adopt a set of practices that implicitly addresses the most common project risks.

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Certainly, adding more explicit risk processes can be helpful. But I have found these methods get me started on the right foot to go the distance. He can be reached at email jessefewell. By Bahman, Alma Learn how the U. Department of Energy DoE successfully mitigated risk to design and build a state-of-the-art facility for the research of alternative energies, earning their Energy Systems…. By Hastie, Shane A number of agile brands downplay the need for business analysis and requirements management on agile projects, putting large store in the role of the product owner.

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This paper tackles some of the…. By Garrison, Richard Federal IT projects often run over budget and behind schedule, or fail to deliver promised functionality. Many projects use "grand design' approaches that aim to deliver functionality every few…. By Fister Gale, Sarah Though they may not carry the gravity of a nuclear power plant or skyscraper, movies, video games, and other entertainment projects are big business.

But not all entertainment projects are a hit. This article discusses how adopting agile processes can help ERP projects stay on budget and on schedule. Publishing or acceptance of an advertisement is neither a guarantee nor endorsement of the advertiser's product or service. View advertising policy. Learning Library. Liaoning commissioned into the Chinese fleet in Carrying J fighters and helicopters, Liaoning deployed to the western Pacific in April for her first realistic war game.

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Shandong, if that indeed is the new carrier's name, shares Liaoning's layout and limitations. Lacking catapults, she launches planes by way of a bow-mounted ramp. That arrangement places hard limits on how heavy Liaoning's aircraft can be -- and how much weaponry and fuel they can carry. The U. Navy's own carriers use steam catapults to launch aircraft weighing as much as 50 tons. By contrast, Lianong's ramp layout probably limits aircraft to a maximum weight of 30 tons, a former Chinese navy source revealed.

A J weighs nearly 20 tons empty. Fuel accounts for most of the available ton payload on most missions, limiting the fighter's weapons loadout to just a few small missiles. Well, time to wake up, everyone. The easy money days are more than likely about to end.

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We might actually have to work for those student dollars. Or, if not, contemplate running our institutions on smaller budgets.

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Speaking of internationalization and the prospect of a shrinking market June 5th , the marginal financial edge of which many universities are now taking advantage may shrink even if the market holds up. To varying degrees across provinces, domestic student demand for access to higher education has been in a trough. Depending on which projection one relies on, demand will return to pre-trough levels around When it does, the financial effect of the international market will change. During the trough, the marginal cost of enrolling international students was close to zero; in many colleges and universities they occupied already financed surplus capacity.

The marginal financial edge was huge: all revenue and very little, if any, cost.

Danger Ahead

A return to pre-trough levels of domestic demand will soak-up surplus capacity. It is equally unlikely that provincial governments will fund those costs.

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This prospect is not so far in the future that colleges and universities that are now counting on international enrolment to balance their budgets should begin now to think strategically about the prospect of places now being filled by international students being filled by domestic students, and the costs of growth needed to maintain current levels of international enrolment. The positive margin might still be there, but it will be smaller.

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