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The Priestly Jesus 7. The Jesus of Exiles 8. The Apocalyptic Jesus.

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The Gnostic Jesus The Muslim Jesus The Historical Jesus The Mormon Jesus The American Jesus Rediscovering Jesus is on that list of what I can enthusiastically recommend that is pure gospel! Strauss, Bethel Seminary, San Diego. Capes, Reeves and Richards provide the antidote in this well-written and witty book that tackles two key questions: Who is the Jesus of the Bible, and how does he differ from claims made about him in other religions?

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As first-rate scholars and seasoned guides to interpreting the New Testament, Capes, Reeves and Richards provide wise and responsible answers. As with their former collaborative effort, Rediscovering Paul , Capes, Reeves and Richards have produced an excellent resource for an evangelical undergraduate course on Jesus of Nazareth.

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  • Rediscovering Jesus not only provides an overview of the Jesus of the four-fold Gospel, but also sketches the Jesus of the rest of the New Testament, providing a full-orbed biblical perspective on the meaning of Jesus. Those interested in encountering Jesus in fresh and stimulating ways need to pay attention to this book! Skinner, associate professor of religion, University of Mount Olive.

    Rediscovering the Apostle Paul

    This fifth volume of the Jesus Seminar Guides opens with summaries of the traditional understanding of Paul that examine its inconsistencies and contradictions and reveal its bankruptcy. The authors then move beyond that traditional framework provided by Augustine and Luther to more radical approaches as they struggle with questions such as: who was the historical Paul, how is Paul's message related to Jesus', what problem was Paul trying to solve, and what was his concept of God?

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    White Series: Jesus Seminar Guides , vol. Related products. Add to cart Show Details. Acts of Jesus.

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