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She is the nicest girl in Cass' school, also the third prettiest according to all other characters in the school. She became a Skelton Sister in book two, only to be thrown out of the group. She eventually joins the Midnight Sun at the end of the series. She is the youngest member of the Midnight Sun.

In book one, Amber enjoyed giving Cass the Smoochies she was done with, until Cass finally said "No". A homunculus created by Midnight Sun founder Lord Pharaoh over years ago from the time in which the series takes place. He loves food, especially crown roasts. The Midnight Sun believe that capturing him will allow them to learn the Secret. The Jester rescued him from the royal dog kennels not, as a later account suggests, the royal pig pen where he was forced to watch dogs eating but was himself not allowed to eat.

He guarded Lord Pharaoh's notes and studies, located in his grave, to prevent them from being discovered by the Midnight Sun. At the end of the second book, he is sealed forever into Lord Pharaoh's grave by an avalanche , dying along with the destruction of Lord Pharaoh's notes. Cass' Japanese-American classmate who spent one year in Japan.

He now helps them on their adventures. He always wears neon sneakers. Max-Ernest in book two does not know what to make of him. He may have "more than friend" feelings for Cass.

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The Skelton Sisters that work for the Midnight Sun. They are pop stars, but they really lip sync. They have their own line of Sock Roaches, designed after Cass' homunculus sock-animal. In book three, they pretended to help out on an African chocolate plantation. Cass' ancestor and previous Secret Keeper. He saved Mr. Cabbage Face's creator and master that tortured him over years ago. He is the founder of The Midnight Sun. He comes back as a ghost in book four and is seen again in book five. A member of the Midnight Sun. He pretends to be blind, but is really only blind in one eye.

He is a chef and owns a restaurant El Castillo de la Noche that gives you the sensation of being blind. He aspires to make the best-tasting chocolate in the world by using the Tuning Fork. He makes chocolate that makes Cass, Yo-Yoji, and Simone fall asleep and their minds go back in time.

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A secret bandit that Cass meets when she goes back to the past. She marries the Jester and is related to Cass. One of the friends of the protagonists. His name is usually mispronounced by people, which he keeps correcting. His father is Albert 3-D. A Nigerian scholar of archeology. Begins a romantic relationship with Melanie, Cass's adoptive mom. His son is Daniel-Not-Danielle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the book series by Pseudonymous Bosch real name Raphael Simon.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Bosch, Pseudonymous. CS1 maint: others link. Children's literature portal. The Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch.

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Super-dark chocolate 'Time Travel Chocolate'.

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Ancient Egyptian mummy's finger. In a few seconds the light began to go up, and up, until itbecame just one more star in the sky. When he came to himself, heurged the camel on to carry him as fast as it could. When he reached Calvary, where Jesus was beingcrucified, he was amazed at the great crowd of people surroundinghim, and from a distance he saw the bloody body of Jesus nailed toa wooden cross.

Joseph got nearer and started pushing his way through the crowd,to get close to Jesus.

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As he got closer he could see Jesus better,and he could not believe that so much violence had been done to aholy man, the son of God; and he wondered why God had allowedthis to happen, and whether there was some purpose in it. After a few minutes a centurionof the Roman guard took a lance and stuck it into his side,leaving a gash between his ribs, to make sure that he was dead. The blood spurted and began to run out of the wound.

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When he finished wiping his eyes he 15 A strong feeling ofguilt overwhelmed the centurion, who stayed on the ground andstarted weeping with remorse for what he had done to Jesus. A brilliant light shone through theclouds and lit up the body of the dead Christ. The sky began tohurl down thunderbolts and great flashes of lightning, the earthunder Jerusalem began to shake even more violently, and thepeople began to cry out and run around.

After a time the earth stopped shaking. Joseph took the bloodof Jesus and poured it into the flask the angel had given him. But little by little hemanaged to fill the flask. The cylinder with the blood of Jesus was sealed. Joseph put itinside the chalice, which he placed in a bag tied around his waist. He took Mary and Mary Magdalene by the arm and they madetheir way from that place, before the ground which the earthquakehad opened should swallow them up. As they got further away,the clouds and the light in the sky slowly disappeared.

Now therewas no one left, apart from some soldiers lying on the ground, 16 The multitude had gone, thesky began to lighten and the sun came out again. Joseph was a noble and influential merchant fromBrittany, and he was well regarded by the noblemen in the provinceof Judaea. When he got to the palace he asked for an audience withPilate, which was granted.

I ask you to release the body to me sothat we can prepare a fitting funeral.

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Go andtake it up before the robbers take it or the crows devour it. Take twoof my men with you to protect you while you prepare everything.

We will place it in a tomb which belongs tomy family. We must protect it until the day of resurrection. Pilatehas given us two guards to watch the entrance to the tomb and tomake sure that no one steals the body.