Manual Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff

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President David O. A sentence uttered in an ordinary tone of voice can encircle the globe in less than a minute.

Teachings of Wilford Woodruff

McKay , []. This was in Can you see prophets being prophets? We shall need to answer specific questions, and perhaps that may be done by two-way radio and TV, perfected to a point beyond our present imagination. Kimball, , pp. In the first communications satellite is launched. By the Church is broadcasting general conference through satellite. The Lord has blessed the world with many Early Bird satellites.

Shortly after that, in , the Church launches LDS. Now many of you, this is within your memories— Can you think where you were in ? In , the Church enters on the web for the first time. All those other innovations were probably before most of our times; but this one, you guys were a part of. Elder M. With fiber-optic computer technology, it can link homes to an incredible assortment of messages and influences. This modern equivalent of the printing press is not reserved only for the elite. There are conversations going on about the Church constantly. Those conversations will continue whether or not we choose to participate in them.

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Can you think of where you were in ? This summer, Elder Bednar, at Education Week, gives a talk on social media. That same week, and it was on purpose, the Church released an update to Handbook 2 Handbook 2: Administering the Church that gave instructions to local ecclesiastical leaders on how to use social media.

The recording included pieces of his talk, along with a couple of quotes from other general authorities. The time has come for us as disciples of Jesus Christ to use these inspired tools appropriately and more effectively. The popularity and reach of current social media tools are staggering. But we now have a global theater. Tom Perry. Brothers and sisters, when I hear Elder Bednar, I get really excited. And I am confident that there are more technologies to come, but they probably will not be given to us until we have effectively used the current technologies.

I hope all of us will join Elder Bednar and begin to sweep the earth. But this is a competition for amazing, uplifting, outstanding content created by this group right here. So, let me describe what we want to do. But, what we are going to do is ask each of you to think about how LDS Business College has helped you to overcome a fear that you have, and then create a video about that.

And the way to do that is pretty simple. So that way, we can see the videos that are being submitted over this next month. The competition will go through October 31st. Those Mormons are interesting. Maybe I should try and learn a little bit more. We want uplifting content that talks about how you have overcome your fears, okay? Well brothers and sisters, the time is now up. And they do ask us to participate with them. Brother Christensen was born in a very small town at the foot of the Sierra Mountains in California.

Brother Christensen spent eight years at LDS Philanthropies as a donor liaison, and then later as manager of communications and donor engagement teams. Brother Christensen has served as a Primary teacher, a counselor in the bishopric, and currently serves as the bishop of the Provo Peak 7th Ward. Brother Christensen married Heidi Mock, and they are the parents of three young daughters, whom we have all now met Clara. They live in Provo, and they enjoy the outdoors together. Many of us in the administration have known him when he worked for LDS Philanthropies, and we were most excited when he expressed an interest about coming to join LDS Business College.

Barett Christensen. Barett Christensen 10 Dec. The rest is downhill.

Quotes on Gratitude from Each of the Latter-day Prophets

Introduction: President J. Lawrence Richards Brother Christensen was born in a very small town at the foot of the Sierra Mountains in California. Of course, the idea that polygamy and the Law of Consecration are not strictly applicable to those members who will be studying this book is absolutely plausible.

But at the same time, it plays directly into the non-member impression of the Church as generally disinclined to address the more difficult questions raised by the teachings and actions of past Prophets. That guess is based, in part, on the fact that my father-in-law sent along the BY Teachings after I had asked a couple of questions about him. They held off though because this guy and several other historians suggested that it was too difficult to trace provenance on many of the things that Joseph taught.

My guess is that is why they included a lengthy explanation of the problems with the DHC and other matters. Nick, I would be interested in that reference. A couple years ago, I had a discussion with someone on a different forum who claimed that references to polygamy had been omitted without proper annotation. I checked every quotation in which a reference to polygamy had been skipped, and compared it with the original source. In every case, there was an ellipsis or square brackets as required by standard editorial practice. The BY manual is available at lds.

Teachings of Wilford Woodruff: The Importance of Teaching Our Children

If you can remember the wording, you should be able to do a search. Amen Steve Evans Those with an eye for history sometimes dismiss these great manuals because they fail to understand their purpose. These are not biographies, histories or contextual or critical examinations. They are meant to be uplifting and get to the core of messages relevant for our day.

The Brigham Young manual was the thickest one up until now and addressed such issues as non-members being involved in civil government during the millenium hardly watering down anything! For those who think the Church is trying to forget its plural marriage past, think again.

Thanks, Douglas.

Wilford Woodruff | Truth Hurts

That information certainly is straightforward — and even mentions that the practice continued to exist and ceased gradually after the Manifesto. Given that most of what we call doctrine comes from Joseph himself, I wonder if this volume will carry more doctrinal weight than the previous ones. Will we be more likely to actually read this one beforehand? To quote it in talks?

To actually refer to the text in EQ lessons rather than mentioning the topic and getting into a group discussion about it? Ditto on the thanks, Douglas. Although the language is still carefully chosen, that statement is more than I think most people would expect on LDS. When the Spencer W. Kimball manual came out we had a discussion of the purposes of the Teachings. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Thanks for the continued tolerance of my ignorance in these matters. It is my hope, however, to try and provide a bit of an insight into how the Church is or might be perceived by non-members. If you surveyed my friends, virtually all of them would say that my wife is the only Mormon they know.

Anyway, I think I have a better sense of how these books are used. Thanks again guys for bearing with me as I display my woeful ignorance on the mysterious workings of the Church! First person plural. Two different perspectives, but both have compelling incites from either side of the fence.

Line upon Line

For those members who want a wider-angle view of all historical issues, the material is widely available in these and other books as well as all over the Internet. Banky, how about if you hint to the dad-in-law that you might be interested in reading the Book of Mormon if you had a first edition, and then we split the proceeds? Eric Russell — You do know me. Good to see you here as well.

I think it would be interesting to find out how they decide what order to publish the manuals in. I mean, Joseph Smith would seem to be the natural first-pick, chronologically speaking. And how do they decide on topics without too much cross-over from years past? Come to think of it, how did he get chosen to be on the committee in the first place.

A few sources all BYU Studies articles listed below can be accessed here :. Jessee, Dean.

Peterson, Paul. Searle, Howard. UCLA, A few sources due to link restrictions on this blog, I cannot individually link the BYU Studies articles :. S the David Lindsley portrait is used.