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The key to Death is determined and attained by the total meeting with Space. The empty nature of All things is realised through the Real awakening and in the total surrender to the fact of the empty nature of all things. It is not just a revelation of the empty nature of all things, but a complete slide-out of ones perception, which removes the ability to perceive things, and reveals the black void only, which is the empty space of non-existence.

It leaves no phenomena and no experience within our scope of perception, but reveals the highest Truth which is prior to God — prior to existence and the source of all Life.

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The keys to Life and death are handed over in the complete eradication of fear for both pure Life — our Self — and of non-existence. By the very definition of Life and death, all movement through time stops to the fact of no process. Love becomes the very core and Beingness of your Self. The death which usually transports any Life, Love, Being out of existence and back, becomes determined by the key held in your other hand — the key to death, which immediately translates the appearence of Life into its Source.

It reveals the transportation of information into- and out of existence — the very ground of Creation — of manifestation — on its deepest levels. As the totality of the display of Emptiness, Life and Individuality falls between our hands, without confinement, into openness and learning, so do the secret teachings of Life unfold. In the loss of egoic energy and without any leftovers of identification, in the sense of its clinging to existence, we appear as- and through the very gentle sliding between all aspects of Reality.

From the very Source of Space and its inherent emptiness, over to our appearence as the totality of All Life, without any perception of boundaries making a separation in Life, and down into the appearance of our very definite, deeply intimate and individual Being. We become transparent with mirror-like quality — a material which reflects but has no substance or form in itself.

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The Key to Life is the foundation for a happy Life. The key to Death is the foundation for a happy death. The ongoing expansion of Life happens through the breath of consciousness — the flipping appearance of Life and death, but in the attainment of these keys within Being, no process remains to be seen. The Life which rises is just as easily transported out of existence.

That which ceases does so with the sweet taste of non-existence, and becomes nothing but a display of peace. With these keys, we are truly lifted out of the confinement of the illusion of time, birth and death — beginnings and endings — with all of our Being. We are lifted into a new and higher existential reality — a deeper and more profound relationship with the Absolute and its finality of death, but in that also takes the seat on the dragon of Life. In terms of perception and operation, the revelation of these keys holds in them the very total yet always deeper merging display of reality.

It is the disappearence of any compound in existence, as beyond it, and yet the total appearance of the alignment between everything and nothing.

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  8. To live as This Knowledge, we must die to every old way, every assumption, all guessing and any conclusion. Then we are lifted; Above and beyond — to live with and as an entirely different reality, in which limits and the ability to be stuck anywhere in the equation of life or death is gone. The keys to Life and Death are the realization of the feminine and masculine essence.

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    The result is tantra in its purest and most efficient function as becoming happens into a solid incarnation as Black Light — the ultimate unity of life and death. For the merging, which is the happening of tantra, one needs only realise both aspects of reality — existence and non-existence — Life and death — Consciousness and Awareness. In the realisation of both these aspects, the key to creation beyond identification and straight from pure Knowing beyond time is revealed and added to the integrated knowing, round knowledge and infinite learning within Being.

    Without the obstruction to either life or death, the total rest is possible in Brahman. Without reaching a limit, Life is seamlessly invited to unfold as the very core happening of further integration, without any conclusion about either Space or Life.

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    It cannot be stated more accurately. In the embrace and realization of this knowledge, we are invited to live from an entirely different than normal state of Being. It is a state of heightened consciousness and a higher vibration of Life, which lifts and bring oneself into a much higher state of Being.

    Were God to experience either kind of change then He would not be God. If He declined, He would become less than what He is, no longer God.

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    And conversely were we to say that He was perfected we would be claiming that He had not been previously perfect and therefore not God. Both would be heretical positions. First, everything in created reality passes from potentiality to actuality. In order to bring things from potentiality to actuality some act is necessary.

    The action of a carpenter is needed to craft potential wood into an actual table. Thomas Aquinas. The second reason has to do with the infinity of God. There is nothing he could gain that He does not already have. Nor is there any place He could be moved to that He does not already fill, Aquinas says.

    One critic of the classical doctrine, an evangelical writer, says that for us potential is a positive thing. But this writer has it all backwards.

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    It is precisely God as pure act that makes possible all potentiality for us. For Aquinas God is that pure, initial, eternal act. God is the one who, as pure act, makes possible all possibility for us.

    He has not suddenly gone from being potentially merciful to being actually so. Of course, sometimes the sought-after intervention is not apparent. We might pray that someone is healed. Instead, they get sicker. We might pray that for help in making ends meet. Instead, our financial situation worsens. The doctrine that God is pure act means, in a sense, that God has not stopped being loving, kind, compassionate, merciful or wise. He is always these things. He never goes from being potentially compassionate to being compassionate.

    He is always actually compassionate. So it is with His goodness, His awareness of our needs, and His knowledge of where our lives are headed. Tagged as: St. Thomas Aquinas , theology. Stephen Beale is a freelance writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.