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The Rose of Winslow Street

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Jody Hedlund. Jen Turano. Amy Clipston. Tracie Peterson. Their welcome to the town has been anything but Christian. As she slowly sets about to right some of the wrongs done to them by her neighbors she finds herself in the odd position of being the only ally her enemy has.

Audiobook Narrator Barbara Rosenblat THE ROSE OF WINSLOW STREET

But if not them, then who? I loved this gentle tale of two people falling in love against the odds. While Libby and Michael had every reason to be nasty and accusatory towards each other, they both maintained their dignity and inherent kindness in their encounters.

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Aside from some shaky moments at the beginning of their relationship, they form a friendship and a bond as they agree to disagree over the house. You can see that neither truly wishes the other ill; they just have differing opinions over some very expensive property. I found this very refreshing in the world of romance, where false accusations with flimsy evidence often lead to the most horrific treatment of each other between a hero and heroine.

Libby is a great heroine. She has learned her tempered, calm manner from dealing with her easily angered, elderly father. She has made a place for herself in the world in spite of having the town think her an idiot because of her illiteracy. It is clear she has a severe case of dyslexia, but at a time when it was not well known and no treatments existed it is put down to her having a feeble brain. Her professor father has been deeply disappointed by her affliction, but Libby compensates for it very well and has become a terrific nature artist.

She loves the outdoors, has a natural green thumb, and has been able to save the unique and beautiful roses that her mother cultivated around their home. She is one of those people who makes the best out of life, not in a flamboyant martyr style — but quietly and sweetly. At the same time, she is no pushover and fights for what she believes to be right. She is easy to root for. Great mysteries surround Michael and his motivations but it is clear his primary concern is always for his family.

As he works to make things right for his young sons and his fragile sister Marie, we can see him slowly begin to yearn for something for himself. Libby is such a wonderful addition to his life. He struggles with the fact that she is daughter to the man with whom he is engaged in a nasty court battle.

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Michael, a renowned fragrance maker, appreciates very much the way she understands the plant life around her. He is terrific about her affliction, continuing to treat her as the bright, capable woman she is even after he learns about the problem. He knows he has finally found the perfect woman for him, but how to woo her in the midst of all this chaos?

His first attempts go horribly awry but his persistence and kindness soon set things right. It is clear he is a cranky old man, a fact which has been a source of distress for Libby. Her sister in law Regina is another who is not the easiest to get along with. Watching Libby finally deal with them both was very rewarding.