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This type of blur can add to the feel of the picture. In the case of the helicopter, showing some blur in the blades may look more natural than having them stopped completely while in mid-flight.

The proper shutter speed for achieving the amount of blur you want is dependent on the speed of the action. As you begin to work with shutter speeds, you'll learn there are different types of blur. For instance, blur can be brief or pronounced.

Alicja Kwade | The Void of the Moment in Motion | Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany |

The slower the shutter speed, the easier it will be to see the resulting blur. Traditional blur is when the camera is being held still and a moving subject is photographed at a slow shutter speed. In that case the non-moving area around the subject will be captured with no blur, and only the subject will be blurred.

Panning is when you do essentially the opposite. In panning you follow the subject with the camera during the action, actually tracking the subject. Doing that means the background will now blur because you're moving the camera during the relatively slow exposure. And because you're tracking the subject, it's possible that part or all of the subject will be captured with little or no blur. This technique is very effective when it works.

The key to making a successful pan shot is to shoot a lot of photos. Because you're shooting a slow shutter speed, and moving the camera, you're likely to have several photos that don't work, but when you get one, it can look great.

The Void of the Moment in Motion

Extremely slow shutter speeds—20 or seconds for example—can make moving subjects seem to disappear. A good example of this is shooting a roadway at night from a tripod. Despite a number of cars passing by, only their bright headlights and taillights will show up in the exposure, because they weren't in the same place long enough to record on the film or sensor.

Experiment with different shutter speeds to you find the one that gives you the most pleasing effect for the scene and subject.


I didn't know it did long exposures. Does any one have suggestion? SpartanWarrior No Android?? LOL no use to me. SteBSit bloodycape Are you sure it is such a complex operation? Jefftan "Unlike the long exposure options on the Huawei P30 Pro" referring to "night mode"? Lars Rehm no, there's a light painting mode with several sub-modes traffic trails, light graffiti, silky water, star trails that works pretty well handheld.

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So, in this case, the torque is also zero. Think of a hinged door. If you push on the edge of the door, towards the hinge, the door doesn't move because the torque is zero. Example 3 is the general case in which the force is applied at some angle a to the arm. The perpendicular distance is given by trigonometry as the length of the arm L times the cosine cos of the angle. The torque is then given by:. Examples 1 and 2 can be derived from this general formula, since the cosine of 0 degrees is 1.

Physics equations/Impulse, momentum, and motion about a fixed axis

In Example 4, the pivot has been moved from the end of the bar to a location near the middle of the bar. Weights are added to both sides of the pivot. To the right a single weight W produces a force F1 acting at a distance L1 from the pivot. This creates a torque T1 equal to the product of the force and the distance. To the left of the pivot two weights W produce a force F2 at a distance L2. This produces a torque T2 in a direction opposite from T1 because the distance is in the opposite direction. If the system were in equilibrium , or balanced, the torques would be equal and no net torque would act on the system.